Excellent quality roto molded kayaks using premium polyethylene LLDPE with a thickness of 4mm - 5mm. Great for surfing, cruising or fishing. All kayaks come with paddles and seat cushions. Aluminum seats are offered at an additional fee. 


Conger is a 9'6" single fishing or cruising kayak. Weight capacity is 330 lbs and has much storage room for your belongings and gear. Paddle and seat cushion is included.


Malibu is 9' kayak with a weight capacity of 286 lbs. It has storage room for your belongs and gear, Paddle and seat cushion is included. 

Oceanus 2.5

This popular 12.1' family kayak is a tandem sit-on-top kayaks. Weight capacity is 551 lbs with great stability which makes it a great choice for two adults and one kid.