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Excellent quality roto molded kayaks using premium polyethylene LLDPE with a thickness of 4mm - 5mm. Great for surfing, cruising or fishing. All kayaks come with paddles and seat cushions. Aluminum seats are offered at an additional fee. 


Conger is a 9'6" single fishing or cruising kayak. Weight capacity is 330 lbs and has much storage room for your belongings and gear. Paddle and seat cushion is included.



Malibu is 9' kayak with a weight capacity of 286 lbs. It has storage room for your belongs and gear, Paddle and seat cushion is included. 

Oceanus 2.5

This popular 12.1' family kayak is a tandem sit-on-top kayaks. Weight capacity is 551 lbs with great stability which makes it a great choice for two adults and one kid. 

Oceanus 2.5.png

   Features & Benefits


* Easy to enter or exit
* Steady on water

* Excellent cushioned seat
* Molded for back comfort

Safety & Durability
* One piece leak proof construction
* Impact and scratch resistant 





Transparent Kayak – Double      10.9’                                   


Kayak Size: 132in(Length) X 35.8in(Width) X 13.8in(Height)

Weight: 55.1lbs

Weight capacity: 551lbs

Seating Capacity: 2 person

Frame: 1 Anodized Aluminum Frame

Floatation Bladder: 2

Seat: 2 Seats.

Skeg: 1 Retractable Skeg System

Paddle: 2 Double Ended Paddles














Clear SUP Paddle Board/Transparent Paddle Board

Getti Clear SUP Paddle board is made of 100% virgin polycarbonate resin imported GE Lexan from Spain , with incredible impact resistance and durability. This transparent board is complete with 1 pc stand up paddle, 1 pc anti-slip mat, 1pc fin and 1 pc foot leash. It offers a full transparent window to help you discover a whole new world under your feet. The clear SUP board brings you a unique and exciting paddle experience while you are paddling, just like walking on the water. The quality rubber mat will keep you from slipping off your board and the  foot leash will  keep your board from floating away when you are in the water. A longer board with removable fin allows greater stability in changing tides during excursions and safaris.

DUV coating to protect from the harsh UV rays.



Specification & Details

SUP Size: 122in(Length) X 33.5in(Width) X 5.1in(Height)

Weight: 50.7lbs

Weight Capacity: 242.5lbs

Capacity: 1 Person

Floatation Bladder: 1

Seat: 1

Paddle: 1 Double Ended Paddle

Foot Leash: 1

Fin: 1

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